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Weststate Seafoods is the hotels and pub wholesale specialists. We have over 32 years’ experience wholesaling to pubs, hotels for their restaurants and bistros.

We stock a comprehensive range of market specific products for all sectors of the hospitality industry from pubs, taverns and bars; hotels, motels and other accommodation and hospitality clubs.

The Food products and seafood we supply is of the highest quality, and we have consistently low pricing on our items, with tailored pricing for greater purchase volume. Our hotel clients usually receive a lower total cost of their orders when compared to other wholesalers. And while pricing is important, we believe customer service is the most valuable consideration when choosing suppliers.

Weststate Seafoods is a local Perth family owned business committed to personal service, and hotels and pubs appreciate our consistent product availability and turnaround. This is the reason many clients have been buying from us for 5-10 years. Our focus is on our customer relationships and to maintain this we keep our customer base manageable, ensuring we can continue to provide exceptional customer service and consistent supply.

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